How can I transfer securities using a DIS? How do I fill a DIS?

A DIS is filled based on the transaction type. View our respective articles:
  • Off Market Transfer : Off-market transactions involving NSDL and CDSL will be processed only if the Demat Account of the Buyer (Transferee Account) is registered as a Beneficiary under the Demat Account of the Seller (Transferor Account). Seller clients now have the flexibility to register the buyer's account as a beneficiary through Geojit Financial Services Ltd or their SPEED e-login.
For those opting to use Geojit, the procedure to register the buyer account as a beneficiary is as follows:

  1. The seller client must complete and submit the 'Registration Form,' ensuring it is duly signed and filled.
  2. Provide essential details in the registration form, including the seller Demat account, buyer Demat account, buyer PAN, buyer PAN exemption flag (if applicable), and buyer account's depository flag (CDSL/NSDL)

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