How do I fill in a DIS for a market trade as a non-PoA/DDPI client?

Before placing a sell order, non-PoA/non-DDPI account holders will be required to unblock the security in their account by either:
  • Submitting a DIS and Annexure at a branch, or
  • Using the e-DIS facility on SELFIE/TraderX

Please note that when you submit the DIS and Annexure at a branch, it normally takes 30-40 minutes for the slip to be approved. Post approval, the sell order will be placed on Geojit's corporate terminal; you are not required to place an order. To know your order status, please contact your branch.

A sample slip and annexure are given below:
  • Fill in the Date (of the trade)
  • Tick (✔) For Market Trades 
  • Fill in the CM Name (Geojit Financial Services Ltd), Market Type (Normal) and Settlement No. of the trade (please ask your branch for this as it varies daily)
  • Fill in the security details- ISIN, Security Name, Quantity, No. of ISIN to be transferred, Phone No.
  • Signature of all account holders

Please contact your branch for any assistance. 

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