How do I transfer shares from my Geojit demat account to another Geojit account?

You can transfer shares from your Geojit demat account to another Geojit demat account in 2 ways:
1. Use a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS). This slip must be submitted at one of our branches
2. Use the SPEED-e (for NSDL accounts) or Easiest facilities (for CDSL accounts)

How to transfer shares using a DIS:

Step 1. Submit the slip at a branch.

Step 2. You will receive a confirmation link from your Depository (NSDL/CDSL) on your registered mobile number and email ID. This is to authorise the offmarket transfer.
Step 3. The link will re-direct you to the NSDL/CDSL eServices website, where you will be required to: 
     i. Enter your PAN / Demat Account Number
     ii. Check the shares and quantity to be transferred.
     iii. Submit the request and validate it with an OTP.

On successful processing, you will be able to view these shares in the respective demat account from the next business day.

A sample slip is given below:
  • Fill in the Date
  • Tick (✔) For Off-Market Trades 
  • Tick (✔) Inter Depository Instruction (applicable if you are transferring shares from an NSDL Demat account to CDSL demat account or vice versa)
  • Fill in the Target DP ID, Client ID, DP Name (Geojit Financial Services Ltd)
  • Fill in the Reason Code. Please refer the attached NSDL/CDSL excel files (based on where your demat account is held) to find the code related to your transaction type. 
  • Fill in the security details- ISIN, Security Name, Quantity, No. of ISIN to be transferred, Phone No.
  • Signature of all account holders

Please contact your branch for any assistance in filling the slip.


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