Is it possible to close a demat account with holdings?

No, a demat account with any balances (holdings) cannot be closed. You will be required to transfer the securities to another demat account before initiating the closure request. 

Transfer to
Own Account
* A Closure cum Transfer request can be placed.
* This mode of transfer requires that the name pattern of both accounts are the same.

* You can either:
  a. Submit a Closure cum Transfer Form at    
      your Geojit branch.
  b. Place the closure cum transfer request through MyGeojit if your demat account is a single holder account. 

Please Note : If the client has holdings in their demat account then they have to upload the digitally signed CML or (Client Master List).

* Refer to our article on how to close your account.
Someone else's Account/ Account with different name pattern
* Use a DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) to make an off-market transfer of the securities.
* Refer to our article on how to transfer securities using a DIS.

* Then, submit a Closure Form at your Geojit branch.

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