How do I transfer shares from a demat account held with another broker to my Geojit Demat account?

DIS are mainly used to process off-market transfers and for account closure cum transfers. In the case of transferring securities from a Demat account held with another broker to Geojit:
  • Off-market Transfers: You must submit a DIS (to the other broker) to transfer securities to your Geojit Demat account. Please note that shares under a lock-in period cannot be transferred using a DIS.  
  • Closure cum Transfers: To transfer holdings and close your other Demat account, you must submit a Closure cum Transfer Request along with your Geojit Client Master List (CML) copy to the other broker. In this case, the source and target account holder must be the same. If the shares are under a lock-in period, inter-depository transfers are not possible through this method.

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