What is a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS)? How is it used?

Delivery Instruction Slips (DIS) authorises your Depository Participant (Geojit) to debit shares from your demat account. It is treated like a cheque and is used for:

1. Off-market transfers- A DIS can be used to transfer securities between demat accounts.

2. Sell transactions of non-PoA/DDPI clients- If you have not given PoA/DDPI authorisation to Geojit, you will be required to authorise each sell trade in your account using a DIS.

Delivery instructions for SELL trades can be given using:

You will be required to submit the DIS at one of our branches or unblock via e-DIS before placing the SELL order. A security remains unblocked only till the end of the day.

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