How can I participate in / apply for a buyback offer?

In the case of a BuyBack offer, eligible shareholders will receive an offer letter via email/post from the issuer/Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA).

To participate, you must have trading and demat accounts with Geojit.

The application process differs based on whether your account has an active PoA/DDPI authorisation.

1. PoA/DDPI Authorised Accounts:

You can apply for Buyback through the following ways:

  • Through MyGeojit 

Step 1.
Login to 

Step 2. Select Buyback and you will be taken to the page.

Step 3. Select Place BID next to the Buyback you wish to apply for from the list of open issues 
Step 4.  First Holder Name, First Holder PAN, Eligible Quantity, Pledged Quantity, Available Quantity will be auto-filled.

Step 5.  Fill in your other bid details:
  • Select Demat Account if you have more than one demat account
  • Select your Investor Type
  • Enter Buyback Quantity 
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and Tick the check box
  • Click on Submit

You can view the BuyBack Status by just clicking on the "BuyBack Status" tab



  • Send an email to with your offer details. Ensure to include your Trade Code, DP ID, DP Client ID and Bid Quantity.

2. Non-PoA/DDP Authorised Accounts, Other DP Accounts (including B2B accounts):
  • If you have not submitted the POA/DDPI authorisation for your demat account, or if your demat account is with another broker/bank (and your trading account with Geojit), you will be required to submit a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) at the branch. 
  • Please contact your Geojit branch for further assistance.

* Buybacks are treated as normal transactions. Hence, offline brokerage and other charges are applicable.

* The bid quantity cannot exceed the holding quantity in your demat account as on the record date. 

* Pledges shares cannot be submitted as part of a tender offer. Pledged shares must be unpledged before making a buyback application.

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