How can I participate in / apply for a buyback offer?

In the case of a buyback offer, eligible shareholders will receive an offer letter via email/post from the issuer/Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA).

To participate, you must have trading and demat accounts with Geojit.

The application process differs based on whether your account has an active PoA/DDPI authorisation.

  • PoA/DDPI Authorised Accounts:
  • Non-PoA/DDP Authorised Accounts, Other DP Accounts (including B2B accounts)
    • If you have not submitted the POA/DDPI authorisation for your demat account, or if your demat account is with another broker/bank (and your trading account with Geojit), you will be required to submit a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) at the branch. 
    • Please contact your Geojit branch for further assistance.

* Buybacks are treated as normal transactions. Hence, offline brokerage and other charges are applicable.

* The bid quantity cannot exceed the holding quantity in your demat account as on the record date. 

* Pledges shares cannot be submitted as part of a tender offer. Pledged shares must be unpledged before making a buyback application.

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