How do I transfer shares from my Geojit demat account to another broker account?

You can transfer shares from your Geojit Demat account to another Demat account in 2 ways:
1. Use a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS). This slip must be submitted at one of our branches
2. Use the SPEED-e (for NSDL accounts) or Easiest facilities (for CDSL accounts)

A sample slip is given below:
  • Fill in the Date
  • Tick (✔) For Off-Market Trades 
  • Tick (✔) Inter Depository Instruction (applicable if you are transferring shares from an NSDL Demat account to CDSL demat account or vice versa)
  • Fill in the Target DP ID, Client ID, DP Name (other broker name)
  • Fill in the Reason Code. Please refer the attached NSDL/CDSL excel files (based on where your demat account is held) to find the code related to your transaction type. 
  • Fill in the security details- ISIN, Security Name, Quantity, No. of ISIN to be transferred, Phone No.
  • Signature of all account holders

Please contact your branch for any assistance in filling the slip.

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