What is Portfolio Insights / Analyse Portfolio? Where can I access it?

Portfolio Insights / Analyse Portfolio is a tool that helps check your portfolio based on 7 parameters:
  • Quality
  • Valuation, 
  • Financial Trend
  • Risk
  • Return
  • Liquidity
  • Diversification

It analyses your holdings to create a more robust portfolio by helping you invest with the right allocation, sectors and market capitalisation. It identifies your portfolio's strengths and weaknesses and suggests measures for course correction. This way, you can maximize returns with minimum risk. It also ensures you always stay invested in high-quality stocks and in positive trends in the short term.

Other features include:
  • Sector-wise diversification of investments
  • Portfolio returns in comparison to its respective composite index 
  • Risk-adjusted daily, weekly, yearly etc. returns
  • Overall gainers/losers in your portfolio  
  • Capital gain & loss details 
  • Corporate action information 

Portfolio Insights / Analyse Portfolio is available on:
1. SELFIE Mobile in the Portfolio section

2. SELFIE Web in the My Portfolio section 

3. Our website

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