What is a Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)?

The CAS is a combined statement of all your investments in the securities market including, Equity and Preference Shares, Mutual Fund Units, Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB), Corporate Bonds, Debentures, etc. It covers investments held in single and joint demat accounts with you (the investor) as the sole/first holder and mutual fund units held with the Mutual Fund Registrar and Transfer Agents (MF-RTA). 

  • Based on where your demat account is held, NSDL/CDSL sends the CAS to your registered email ID. It is sent on a monthly basis provided there are transactions in any of your demat accounts/mutual fund folios for the concerned month.
  • Both the depositories have the facility to download your CAS from their websites: NSDLCDSL.
  • If there are no transations, details of your holdings will be sent every 6 months.

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