I received an Allocation Information email & SMS. What is this?

As part of the SEBI circular on Segregation and Monitoring of Collateral at the Client Level, an Allocation Information email/SMS is sent by the Clearing Member. This is to inform clients of the segment-wise allocation of collateral in their trading accounts.

Collateral balances in your trading account are segregated and allocated segment-wise based on positions taken and margin utilisation in your account. This is reported by the Trading/Clearing Member to the Clearing Corporation. Henceforth, SEBI requires clients to be notified regarding this allocation. In the email/SMS intimation, a link is provided where you will be able to view the disaggregated collateral held with the Clearing Member. 

Please note that you are not required to allocate margins for each segment. Geojit will automatically do this based on positions taken in your account.

For more information, refer the circular titled Segregation and Monitoring of Collateral at Client Level on our Notifications page. 

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