What is Additional Surveillance Deposit (ASD)?

Additional Surveillance Deposit (ASD) is an amount paid only in the form of cash on securities of companies falling under the GSM stage II and higher. 
  • It is retained for a minimum of one month or until the quarterly review of the GSM stage securities, whichever is earlier. 
  • It is released if the security moves to GSM stage I after review. Release is done on a monthly basis (on the second calendar Monday).
  • It is charged to the buyer (even if they engage in another SELL transaction in the said security). It is not charged to the seller.
  • It is not refunded or adjusted, even if the purchased securities are sold before the quarterly review. The sale is not considered for any exposure as well.
  • ASD is charged over and above existing margin or deposit requirements levied by the exchanges on transactions in such companies.
  • It is released on a monthly basis on the second calendar Monday of the second month or until the exit of the security in the review of the surveillance stages, whichever is earlier.

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