Can I use profits made from F&O trades on the same day?

F&O trades are settled 1 trading day after the transaction date (T+1).

Profits earned from F&O trades will not be available as margin on the same day; it will be available only after settlement. In case T+1 is a settlement holiday, the intraday F&O profits will be available from the next trade settlement day.

For example, Mr Adarsh buys 1 lot (1,300 shares) of SBIN futures at Rs. 500 and sells it at Rs. 525 on the same day. The margin blocked for this trade will be realised as soon as the position has been squared off. However, the profit of Rs. 32,500 ((525 - 500) x 1,300) will be available as margins only from the next day (after the trade is settled).

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