How do I fill the Pledge/Unpledge Form?

As an alternative to placing a margin pledge request online, you can submit a physical Pledge/Unpledge Form at your branch. 

Step 1. Tick the appropriate option: Create the pledge/hypothecation OR Close the pledge/hypothecation

Step 2. Fill in the DateClient IDClient NameAgreement No., desired Closure Date

Step 3. Fill in the Instruction TypeCounterparty Pledgor/Pledgee Client ID, Name, DP ID and DP Name (as given in the image)

Step 4. Fill in details of the securities you wish to pledge- ISIN, Security Name, Quantity (in figures and words)

Step 5. Fill in the Execution Date and sign on top of Authorised Signatory

The securities will be blocked in your account by the end of the day and trading margins will be extended to you.

* Non-PoA/DDPI clients have to place their margin pledge requests by submitting the form at our branch

* You are not required to unpledge securities to sell them; you can directly place a sell order. Geojit will release the pledge and deliver the necessary securities to the exchange

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