How can I place a pledge request by calling my branch/customer care?

* Only clients with PoA/DDPI authorised accounts will be able to place a margin pledge request online through MyGeojit or by calling a branch/customer care.

* Non-PoA/DDPI clients will have to do so by submitting a Pledge/Unpledge Form at our branch.

Step 1. Call your branch or our customer care line and place your margin pledge request.

Step 2. The branch/customer care executive will place the request on your behalf.

Step 3. On verification of approved instruments that can be pledged and validation of your holdings, a request will be sent to the concerned depository (NSDL/CDSL).

Step 4. Post depository approval, you will be sent a confirmation link (from Geojit and your depository) to your registered mobile number and email ID. This link will be valid till the end of the business day of the depositories. 

A sample of the email/SMS is given below: 

“Dear Investor, your DP GEOJIT FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED has initiated margin pledge from your (NSDL/ CDSL) demat account  INxxxxxx xxxxxxxx. You may confirm the same by clicking on”  

The link will redirect you to the NSDL/CDSL eServices site, where you will be required to: 
     i. Enter your PAN 
     ii. Check the 'I am not a robot' box Submit
     iii. Check the instruments and quantity to be pledged
     iv. Submit and validate the request with an OTP

In case you haven't received the margin pledge request email/SMS, use the following link of your respective depository- NSDL / CDSL- to accept

  • NSDL:

  • CDSL:

You are not required to unpledge securities to sell them; you can directly place a sell order. Geojit will release the pledge and deliver the necessary securities to the exchange.

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