What are the charges for Geojit's Loan Against Shares (Offline)?

The charges for our Loan Against Shares are based on the selected scheme:

Margin/Loan to Value
Up to 50%
Up to 50%
Up to 50%
Min Loan AmountRs. 50,000
Rs. 10 lakhs
Rs. 5 lakhs
1 year
1 year
6 months
Interest Rate (per annum)*

Processing + Annual Renewal Charges
1% of loan amount + Service tax payable annually
Interest Payment
i. First working day of every month

ii. Festive Scheme- Payment to be made on or before every 30 days
Margin Requirements
Initial Margin- 60% 
Maintenance Margin- 50%
Documentation charges Rs. 450-650 
Security Eligibility
i. Shares must be held in a demat account

ii. As approved by Geojit Credits Pvt Ltd

Festive Scheme
  • Interest rates are subject to prompt payment of monthly interest on or before the 30th of every month. 
  • In case of default, the following rates will be applicable from the loan start date and will be revised back to 10.50% after clearance of interest dues.

Day of Payment (between)Interest Rate
31st and 60th day
12.50% p.a.
61st and 90th day
15.50% p.a.
After the 90th day
18.50% p.a

* As required by the RBI, a Loan to Value (LTV) of 50% must be maintained at all times. In the event that the LTV exceeds 50% for 5 consecutive trading days, the pledged securities will be sold proportionately to bring the LTV below 50%

* Interest is charged on the outstanding amount and only for the time the funds are used.

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