What is Loan Against Securities (LAS)?

Loan Against Securities (LAS) is a financial instrument offered by Geojit Credits that gives you access to funds against your financial assets.
  • You can access the Loan Against Securities facility against holdings of equity shares, mutual fund units and sovereign gold bonds.
  • Interest is charged on the outstanding amount and only for the time funds are used.
  • Loans will be provided for a period of one year at a time and are renewable based on mutual consent.
  • With this, you can meet any contingencies and take care of your investment and personal needs.

ProductLoan to ValueInterest Rate
Digital Loan Against Shares
Up to 50%
9.49% - 9.99%

Accounts other than Geojit Demat accounts will be charged an additional 0.50%
Loan Against Shares
Up to 50%
10.50% - 12.50% 
Loan Against Mutual Funds
Up to 50%
9.49% - 9.99%
Loan Against Sovereign Gold Bonds
Up to 75%

Digital Loan Against Shares can be availed online provided you have a single holder NSDL demat account. If not, you can submit the required forms at a Geojit branch to make a physical application.

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