What are the charges for Geojit's Loan Against Sovereign Gold Bonds?

The charges for our Loan Against Sovereign Gold Bonds are: 

Margin/Loan To Value (LTV)
Up to 75%
Min Loan Amount
Rs. 10,000
1 year
Interest Rate (per annum)
Processing Fees 0.50% + GST
Interest Payment
First working day of every month
Margin Requirements
Initial Margin- 35% 

Maintenance Margin- 75%
Pledge Creation ChargesRs. 250 or 0.02% of the value of each pledge transaction + GST, whichever is higher.
Security Eligibility
i. SGBs must be held in your Demat account

ii. Security value will be calculated as per last traded price on the stock exchanges

* As required by RBI, a LTV of 75% must be maintained at all times. In the event that the LTV exceeds 75% for 5 consecutive days, the pledged securities will be sold proportionately to bring the LTV below 75%.

* Interest is charged only on the outstanding amount and only for the time the funds are used.

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