What is the Demat Debit and Pledge Instruction (DDPI)?

The Demat Debit and Pledge Instruction (DDPI) is a document that authorises a stockbroker and Depository Participant to access an investor’s demat account solely for:
  1. Transferring securities held in the client’s demat account towards exchange-related deliveries/settlement obligations arising from trades executed on the stock exchanges. 
  2. Pledging/Re-pledging of securities in favour of a Trading Member (TM)/Clearing Member (CM) for the purpose of meeting margin requirements in connection with trades executed on the stock exchanges. 
  3. Mutual fund transactions executed on the stock exchanges.
  4. Tendering shares in open offers through the stock exchanges.

To complete settlement obligations, you can either use a DDPI, a physical Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) or an electronic Delivery Instruction Slip (e-DIS).

Points to note with respect to Geojit:
  • DDPI will replace PoA authorisation from September 1st, 2022.
  • The DDPI serves the same purpose as the PoA authorisation.
  • It is not compulsory for an existing client to issue a DDPI. Existing PoAs shall continue to remain valid till revoked by the client. 
  • It is a voluntary document and shall be executed only if a client provides their consent for the same.
  • Clients can complete trades either using the PoA/DDPI or by issuing a DIS/e-DIS. 

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