What is a Tax Computation Statement? Where can I view my Tax Computation Statement?

The Tax Computation Statement provides the tax implications of a client for capital market transactions made through Geojit in a financial year.

Your Tax Computation Statement can be accessed through MyGeojit. The exported folder will have 3 files:

  1. P&L Calculation file: Detailed information of profits and/or losses on sale transactions (short-term & long-term) in the selected financial year, irrespective of the year in which a security was purchased.
  2. STT-10DB Form: STT deducted for the financial year.
  3. Buy not found file: Transactions for which a corresponding buy trade is not found will not be included in your tax calculation. A list of such transactions will be given in a separate excel. In this case, you will have to manually update these details on MyGeojit and then generate the statement again for them to be considered while computing your trade-related statements.

Step 1. Log in to MyGeojit

Step 2. Select Statements > Capital Gains Statements

Step 3. Select the desired Fiscal Year 

Step 4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions > Submit

The statements will be forwarded to your registered email ID within an hour on working days. 

Important points to note:

  • The statements are password protected
  • Individual clients will have to enter the first four characters of your PAN (in CAPITAL letters)) followed by the first four characters of your date of birth in DDMM format.
  • Non-individual clients will have to enter your PAN (in CAPITAL letters)
  • Starting from FY 2022-2023, statements will follow a new format. Statements of previous years will continue to use the old format.
  • The new format includes:
    • The generated excel file contains multiple sheets, including a summary sheet and separate sheets for transactions in the equity, equity derivatives and currency derivatives segments respectively.
    • The acquisition/purchase cost of bonus shares is considered as zero.
    • In the F&O sheets, turnover information and separate P&L calculation for futures and options is provided. Learn more about the turnover amount that requires a tax audit.

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