What are the trading and investment platforms offered by Geojit?

Geojit provides its clients with an extensive range of investment tools to help meet their financial goals: 

Flip MobileThe Flip mobile app is a state-of-the-art trading platform, loaded with powerful tools and features to help investors make informed trades. It offers a user-friendly interface, real-time market data, advanced security systems and charting, and essential tools to help you achieve your financial goals. 

Refer the Flip mobile manual to learn more.
Our advanced trading platform, with its customisable layout, integrated security system and advanced charting, makes your trading experience seamless. SELFIE is available across devices in the form of: 

SELFIE Platinum- Similar to a traders terminal, it is a downloadable programme exclusively designed to cater to the needs of clients who actively trade during market hours. 

SELFIE Web- Designed for convenience and accessibility, the web version of SELFIE can be used on any browser. 

* SELFIE Mobile- For customers on the go, the power-packed mobile version of SELFIE is available for Android and iOS
Dedicated to F&O trading, our latest launch comes with a host of new features to give clients a superior derivative trading experience including options chains with greeks, one-click strategy orders, OI analysis, advanced pay-off analysis, etc. 
Options backtesting tool intent on helping traders test trading strategies and assess profitability, before committing their hard-earned money.
Our data-driven platform offers baskets of expert-curated stocks, to help invest based on your financial goals and appetite; where equity investments meet intelligence.
A cutting-edge, personalised platform to help analyse and invest in mutual funds according to your financial goals. Both web browser and mobile application (AndroidiOS)  versions are at your disposal. 
Striving to guide you in making informed investment decisions to achieve wealth creation and financial security, our Financial Planning tool conducts an objective analysis of your financial health to present practical solutions in line with your goals.  

Other resources include:

Facility for:
* Digital Client OnBoarding / Account Opening
* Updation KYC and account-related details
Get updates on circulars, regulations, corporate action announcements, market holidays etc.
TradeCharcha Discussion forum for trading experts, enthusiasts, and newbies to exchange views on everything related to financial markets and investments.
This self-service portal provides information on account opening, account management, product and service offerings, and more. Find the answers to all your queries, and browse through our list of FAQs. 

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