How do I setup a NACH/One-Time Mandate on FundsGenie?

A NACH/One-Time Mandate is automatically generated when you set up a SIP investment via FundsGenie. You will be required to authenticate the mandate which can be done in 2 ways:

  • Via debit card/net banking:

Step 1. Log in to FundsGenie and go to Mandate 

Step 2. Select Mandate Report > Click Authenticate next to the desired mandate

  • Via the e-mandate authentication link:
An e-mandate authorisation link is sent by BSE to your registered email ID (after placing your order on FundsGenie). Link validity for some banks is 48 hours or less. So, it is best to complete the mandate authentication as soon as you make the payment for your SIP.

  • You can also choose to create a mandate via Mandate > Mandate Creation
    • Select the required details (Amount, Bank, Account No
    • Select the tick box to agree to create the mandate > Submit
    • Go to Mandate Report and click Authenticate next to the desired mandate

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