How do I start an SIP on FundsGenie?

To start an SIP through FundsGenie: 

Step 1. Log in to FundsGenie and search for the desired fund 

Step 2. Select SIP

Step 3. Enter the required SIP Amount

Step 4. Select the Investment Day (Date)Investment FrequencyInvestment Mode TenureOrder Type (Physical / Demat) > Proceed

Step 5. Select the desired Mandate Amount (only the installment amount will be deducted) and tick the Mandate Creation Box Proceed

Step 6. The payment can be made in 4 ways:

The payment process varies based on your order type (Physical / Demat) 

Physical- You will be required to authenticate the order placement through the email/SMS sent to your contact details registered with the folio (existing investments)/your account (fresh purchases), and then proceed with the payment. 

Demat- You can select the desired option and make the payment.

  • UPI- Enter the UPI ID of the bank account registered with the concerned folio. A notification will be sent to your UPI app from which you can proceed with the payment.

  • NEFT/RTGS- If your bank is not on the list of BSE registered banks, BSE's bank account details for NEFT/RTGS transfers will be displayed. You will have to add this account as a beneficiary (in your net banking account) and make the payment via NEFT/RTGS.

    Please ensure that you make the transfer from your registered bank account on the order placement day. Once the transfer is made, the transaction reference number must be updated in the payment confirmation email sent from BSE to your registered email ID. This is done in order to validate the payment against your order.

  • Payment Gateway (Net Banking)If your bank is registered with BSE, you will be redirected to your net banking page to make the payment.

  • Mutual Fund Order Payment Confirmation Link- An email will be sent from BSE to your registered email ID. There is the provision to pay via UPI/net banking/NACH mandate (if authorised).

Step 7. Authenticate the NACH Mandate/OTM for the SIP. This can be done in 3 ways: 

  • The authentication pop-up that is displayed when you log in.

  • Go to Mandate > Mandate Report > Select Authenticate next to the respective mandate. You will be able to authenticate the mandate via net banking or debit card (for NPCI-supported banks). 

  • The e-mandate authentication link sent from BSE.

We currently offer only monthly SIPs on FundsGenie. For other frequencies, you will have to invest through the offline route.

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