What is the transmission procedure in the case of the death of one/more joint holders?

In the event of the death of one/ more joint holders, funds and securities are transferred to the surviving holders (if any), irrespective of the nomination made. 
For example, an account is held jointly by A, B and C. In the even of the death of B, the funds and securities will be transferred to the surviving holders- A & C.

The surviving holders will be required to:

Sl No.Requirements
Open a new demat account in the surviving holder(s) name(s).
If they have a joint Demat account with another broker, a signed DP Client Master List (with the broker seal) can be submitted to transfer balances to that account.
2.Clear AMC and dues (if any).
Submit the following documents:
ii. Self-attested copy of PAN
iii. A copy of the Death Certificate, attested by a Notary Public or Gazetted Officer
iv. Holding Statement signed by the claimants (surviving holders)

If there aren't any surviving holders, the funds and securities will be transferred as per the nomination made in the account. Learn more about the transmission process.

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