What is Transmission cum Demat?

Transmission cum Demat is a facility used when one of the joint holders mentioned in a security's physical certificate has died, and the remaining holders wish to dematerialise them. Using this, the activities of deleting the deceased holder's name and dematerialising the securities in the name of the surviving holders can be completed simultaneously.

The surviving holders will be required to submit the following documents:

Sl No.
1.Demat Request From (DRF) issued by the branch 
2.Transmission Form
3.A copy of the death certificate, attested by a Notary Public or Gazetted Officer

For example: 

Name on Share Certificate
Deceased Holder(s) Demat Account Holder for Dematerialisation
A & B 
B & A 
A, B and C 
(in any sequence)
  A & BC

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