What is the mandatory updation of 6 KYC attributes? How can I complete this?

As per regulatory requirements, it is compulsory for details of the following 6 KYC attributes to be updated in your trading and demat account by June 30th, 2022:

1. Name
2. Address with a valid PIN code
3. PAN
4. Mobile Number
5. Email ID
6. Income bracket

If not updated as per regulations, Geojit is required to block your trading and demat account from transacting in the securities market from July 1st 2022.

Points to be noted:
  • If the same mobile number or email ID is used in multiple accounts (by different account holders), a relationship declaration form must be submitted at our branch.
  • In case of joint demat accounts, these details must be updated for every account holder. This can only be done by submitting a physical request at our branch.

You can update the 6 KYC attributes in two ways:
 For more information, refer the regulator circulars.

Ensure to link your PAN and Aadhaar

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