Can I convert my resident individual account to an NRE/NRO account?

Resident Account to NRE account
No, you are not allowed to change your Resident status trading and demat account to an NRE status account. If you wish to do so, you will be required to close your existing account and open a new NRE trading and demat account.

Resident Account to NRO account
Yes, you can change your Resident status trading and demat account to an NRO status account. Kindly submit the following documents at our nearest branch. Use our branch locator to find a Geojit office near you.

Sl No.
Documents Required
1.DP Conversion Client Request Form
2.CKYC Form with supporting proofs- Passport photo, PAN & Address proof 
3.Annual KYC to update financials
4.NRO status Bank Account proof
5.CRF to update bank account
6.Foreign Visa proof- Resident Visa/ Work Permit/ Employment Visa/Current Visa or any other type of visa proof
7.Passport Copy 
8.Trade Code Conversion Request Letter 
9.CRF to transfer branch location (if required)

FATCA Form (only for US clients)

11.Same Email ID & Mobile Declaration Form- If the given email ID & mobile number have been used in an another account with Geojit.
12.Running Account Authorisation (if not already authorised)
13.Nomination in account
14.Declaration of Non-Repatriation Basis NRO Shares 

In the case of a joint demat account, documents of all holders must be included.

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