What is Know Your Customer (KYC)? How can I check my KYC status?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a set of standards used by the investment and financial services industry to verify customers, their risk profiles, and their financial profiles. It protects the interests of both the clients and the investment advisors by verifying the authenticity of the client. A KRA (KYC Registration Agency) is the agency which maintains your KYC status.

SEBI has laid down certain guidelines making it compulsory for financial intermediaries like Geojit to verify their client's KYC status (Complied/ Not Complied) before on-boarding them.

To check your KYC status:

Step 1. Visit the CVL KRA website and go to KYC Inquiry
Step 2. Enter the required details

Step 3. Complete the I am human captcha Submit


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