How can I change/update my address in my account?

You can update your address either online or offline.

If you wish to change your address online, please ensure that the required address has been updated in your Aadhaar as well. If not, you will have to follow the offline address modification process.


Step 1. Go to Hello ReKYC

Step 2. Validate your mobile number
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter the sum of captcha (eg: 1 + 36 = 37) > Continue
  • Enter the OTP received to validate your mobile number > Ok

Step 3. Basic Information. This will be required only for the first log in.
  • Enter your PAN
  • Enter your DOB (Date of Birth) as per PAN > Continue

Step 4. Select your e-KYC route- Use Digilocker or Offline Aadhaar to register the correct details.

  • DigiLocker- Upload your e-KYC document.

  • Offline Aadhaar: You will be redirected to the UIDAI website.
    i. Enter your Aadhaar Number and Captcha Send OTP
        ii. Create a Share Code of your choice (this must be entered in your online application)
        iii. Enter the OTP sent to your aadhaar registered mobile number > Download the e-KYC document
        iv. Come back to > Enter the Share Code and Upload the e-KYC                     document by entering the share code.

Step 5. Confirm your registered details and active trading segments.

Step 6. Read and accept the  Tariff, Terms & Conditions, Standard KYC documents > Continue

Step 7. IPV (In Person Verification)

  • Click Capture and take a photo of yourself
  • Crop and upload the photo

Step 8. E-Sign

  • Click Proceed to e-Sign
  • A final PDF with all the collected information will be generated. Verify the details and e-Sign the document.

  • Read the pop-up message > Ok
  • The e-Sign process is complete. Your details will be updated immediately.

OFFLINE- Get in touch with your Geojit branch and submit the necessary documents.

Sl No.Documents
2.Address proof
3.CKYC & KRA-KYC Form 

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