What are the statutory costs involved while trading/investing?

Charge TypeParticulars
It is levied by a stock broker for your transactions/ trades. It is charged on the trade value or at a flat rate, as agreed.
Securities Transaction Tax (STT)
It is levied on transactions (buy and sell) conducted through the stock exchanges. Taxable securities include equity, derivatives and equity-oriented mutual funds.
Stamp Duty
It is levied by the state government on the transfer of ownership of securities.
Goods & Services Tax (GST)
It is levied as a percentage of the brokerage charged for the trade. The current GST rate is 18%.
Transaction Charges
It is levied by the stock exchanges (NSE, BSE, MCX). Rates vary between exchanges.
Depository Participant (DP) Charges
It is levied by the respective Depository (NSDL/CDSL) for keeping your transactions in electronic form. The Depository charges the DP (stockbroker), who in turn will charge you
SEBI Charges
It is levied by SEBI on the trade value.

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