How can I update/change my average rate?

The average rate shown in your Portfolio on our trading terminals is taken from your Profit & Loss Statement on MyGeojit.

The details of shares transferred off-market, dematerialised, or via IPOs and corporate actions such as right issues, mergers, etc. cannot be determined by the system. Hence, such transactions have to be manually entered (by the client) and updated on MyGeojit.

Step 1. Log in to MyGeojit and go to Statements

Step 2. Select P&L for the Period > Other Transaction

Step 3. Select/enter details of the transaction:
  • Date- Of transferring the shares to your demat account.
  • Security
  • Buy/Sell- BUY
  • Quantity- Total number of shares held of the concerned security
  • Net Rate- The average rate of the concerned security
  • Transaction Type- IPO / OFF MARKET / OTHERS (for corporate actions)

Step 4. Save

How to Recalculate your Average Rate:

After making the entry, you will be required to Recalculate your average rate to update these details in your Portfolio. The correct rate will be reflected in your Portfolio from the next trading day. 

Step 1. Select Statements > P&L for the Period 

Step 2. Select the segment you wish to update the average rate (in this case Cash)

Step 3. Click Recalculate average rate > Ok

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