What are the Dematerialisation and Rematerialisation charges?

Demat- listed  securities
Rs.100 per demat request for up to 5 certificates

Rs. 20 for each additional certificate thereafter plus courier charges @ Rs.100
Demat- unlisted  securities
Rs.100 per certificate plus courier charges @ Rs.100
Demat- Mutual Fund units 
Rs.100/folio if ARN code belongs to Geojit Financial Services Ltd, Barjeel Geojit, QBG Geojit, BBK (Bahrain & Kuwait)

Rs. 250 per folio in the case of any other ARN code
Higher of:
* Rs.10 for every 100 securities or part thereof OR 
* Rs.10 per certificate, whichever is higher 

+ courier charges @ Rs. 35 per scrip. This is subject to a maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs per request.

Please refer the charges applicable with effect from 15th April 2023


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