I have physical certificates with the same combination of names, but the sequence/ order is different. Do I have to open two different accounts to dematerialise these shares?

If the same set of joint holders holds shares in a different sequence/order of names, they are not required to open multiple demat accounts for the purpose of dematerialisation. 

Using a Transposition Form, these shares can be dematerialised into the same demat account. Please note that this can be availed for all holdings in the concerned folio, and is not allowed for only a part of the holdings.

For example:

Number of HoldersSequence of Demat Account HoldersPermitted Sequence of Names in Share Certificates
2 Holders
A & B
A & B
B & A
3 Holders
A,B,CA, B, C or
A, C, B or
B, A, C or
B, C, A or
C, A, B or
C, B, A

If this is the case, you will be required to submit the following documents at a branch:

Sl No.Documents
i. Original share certificates, OR
ii. Letter of Confirmation issued by the RTA/issuer company
Self-attested PAN/Aadhaar (first 8 digits masked)
3.Transposition Form
4.On submission of the above mentioned documents at the branch, they will print a Dematerialisation Request Form (DRF) with details of the shares to be dematerialised.
You will be required to sign 3 copies (1 as submission proof for you and the other 2 will be maintained by Geojit)

Please ensure to check the details on the generated DRF and collect a copy of it with the branch seal as proof of submission.

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