What are the PMS account opening requirements for Residents?

To open a Resident status PMS account, the following documents must be submitted at a branch along with a signed PMS account opening form. Use our branch locator to find a Geojit office near you for further assistance. 

Sl No.ParticularsRequirements
* 2 copies

* Self-attested
2.Address Proof
* 2 copies

* Self-attested
3.Bank Account Proof
* 2 copies 

* Self-attested

* If the investment is made via cheque, the copy of the cheque can be considered as bank proof
4.Investment Amount
* The PMS investment (of a minimum of Rs. 50 lakhs) can be made via:
i. Cheque- to Geojit Financial Services Ltd

* Refer our PMS bank account details to enter details/ make the transfer to the respective portfolio

* If the investment is made via cheque, a copy of the cheque is required to be submitted
5.Nomination (PMS Account Opening Form)
Mandatory for PMS account 
6.Demat Account Opening Form & Related Documents
* A demat account must be opened for PMS 

* Nomination is mandatory
7.Signed BBK Account Opening Forms (optional)
* A bank account is opened with BBK for dividend re-investment

* If you do not wish to open a BBK account, please submit this declaration
8.Cheque (for BBK) 
* A cheque for Rs. 500 is required to open the account

* To be issued in your name (as it is deposited in your BBK account)

* This is the minimum balance amount, and will remain in your account
9.Signed CRF (Change Request Form)
* To update the BBK account in your PMS account (for dividend re-investment) once opened, a signed CRF is to be submitted

* Not required if the BBK account is not being opened

* Item 7,8,9 are required only if you wish to open a BBK account for dividend reinvestment.

* Nomination is mandatory for both your PMS account and demat account linked with your PMS account.

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