What is the Trade-to-Trade (T2T) segment?

Stocks are put under the T2T segment by the Exchanges based on criteria such as their price-earnings ratio, price variations, market capitalisation, etc. This includes shares under series/ category:  

Book Entry (BE)NSE

If shares from your holdings are put under the T2T segment, they will be marked as BE or T in your portfolio. Being classified in this segment indicates that the stock is illiquid. To protect the interests of investors and curb speculative trading on these stocks, only delivery-based trading is permitted for such stocks, i.e., these shares cannot be traded intraday. Hence, trades are settled on a gross basis by taking and giving delivery for each transaction. 

Stocks are constantly monitored and moved to / from the T2T segment on a fortnightly (once every 2 weeks) basis. 

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