Why are my funds shown under 'SF reserved'?

SF reserved shows the cash remaining of your Smartfolios Baskets registered after May 1, 2023. This SF cash figure is marked as SF reserved on our trading platforms and can only be utilized for SF Transactions.

It is done to ensure availability of funds when required / during rebalance. A reserve is set aside in the SF basket for future transactions / brokerage. The virtual cash in Smartfolios is blocked and shown as SF reserved in our trading platform. When there is a rebalance in folios this figure will be considered while giving new buy recommendations. 

This does not mean that pay-outs will be stopped. Pay-outs as part of regulatory requirements will still proceed and the client is expected to replenish the funds and ensure that SF reserved amount is restored in the trading account. Before making any direct equity trades, you will have to restore the SF reserved amount and additional funds will be available as buy margin. 


For example:

If you have selected a portfolio with a capital  of 2 lakhs and you've currently invested 1 lakh 70 thousand, the remaining 30 thousand will be set aside and shown as SF reserved.

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