What is a Basket Order? How can I place a Basket Order on Flip Mobile?

Basket Orders is a feature available on the Flip mobile app that allows you to place multiple orders at once. Instead of placing individual orders for each security, a basket order allows you to place multiple orders in different securities simultaneously. 

This order type is particularly useful for investors who want to execute trades in a large number of securities simultaneously or want to implement a trading strategy that involves multiple securities.

Refer the Flip Mobile User Manual to learn more about basket orders:
  1. How to create a Basket
  2. How to add securities to a Basket
  3. How to execute orders from a Basket
  4. How to reset/reactivate a Basket
  5. How to remove a security from a Basket
  6. How to rearrange a Basket
  7. How to search for a security within a Basket
  8. How to modify a Basket
  9. How to duplicate an order in a Basket
  10. Basket Insights

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