How do I exit my Smartfolios investment?

Though we recommend a long-term outlook, you can redeem your investments at any time; there is no lock-in period. 

To sell your Smartfolios holdings, you will have to first deactivate your investment:

Step 1. Log in to Smartfolios and go to your Dashboard

Step 2. Select My Folios Select View next to the basket you wish to deactivate 

Step 3. Select Manage your Investments at the bottom of the page 

Step 4. Deactivate the concerned basket > Confirm 

Post deactivation, you can place a sell request through: 

  • Smartfolios, on the same day

Step 1. Go to your Dashboard > Select My Folios
Step 2. Select View next to the concerned basket 

Step 3. Select Additional Investment/ Withdraw > Withdraw All 

Step 4. Enter the quantity of stocks to be sold under Sell Qty > Save

  • SELFIE/ TraderX, from the next trading day. 

* You can confirm whether your deactivation was successful via Dashboard > My Folios > Status- will show as 'Closed'.

* You will not be able to partially deactivate as this will affect the overall portfolio structure. In case you want to sell certain stocks, you will have to deactivate the entire investment.

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