What is the G-Trade Max plan?

The G-Trade Max scheme is an online brokerage scheme. It is available across all online trading platforms of Geojit for resident clients (including B2B clients).

It can be activated on MyGeojit. Once opted, it will be applicable from the next trading day.


*Slab Rate
Futures- Rate per lot
Options- Rate per lot
Up to 750 lots
Rs. 40
Rs. 20
751 to 2000 lots
Rs. 30
Rs. 15
Above 2000 lots
Rs. 20
Rs. 10

Terms & Conditions

* The G-Trade Max plan is available to resident clients for online trades.

* Once opted, the plan will be active from the next trading day.

* The minimum brokerage is Rs. 20 per Contract Note.

* The slab for rates per lot is considered separately for each contract type (Equity, Commodity).

* The slab rate will revert to Rs. 40/lot for Futures and Rs. 20/lot for Options after a period of 365 days from the date of activation of the plan.

* Change of plan will be permitted upon completion of 7 days from the date of activation of G-Trade Max.

* Statutory charges will be charged in addition to brokerage.

* Auto Square-off/Risk Management System (RMS) trades will be charged extra brokerage.

* Interest is charged @ 18% p.a. (subject to change) if 50% of overnight F&O margin requirement is not maintained as cash or cash equivalent.

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