What is a Day/Regular order?

Day order is an order time condition based on which a buy/sell order remains valid. The order remains valid until execution, till the end of the trading day. At the end of the day, the order is automatically cancelled if it does not get executed.

For example, a day order to buy 100 shares of SBI at Rs. 200 is placed. If this price is not met (no counter orders at the given price), it remains open in your order book. It will only be executed if the given price is met during the trading day. 

If the order is partially executed, the remaining order continues to be active till the end of the trading day.

If there are no counter orders for this price and the order does not get executed during the day, it is cancelled at the end of the trading session. It is not carried forward to the next day.

To place a Day order on SELFIE / TraderX:

Select the Time Cond as DAY in the order placement window

Open (unexecuted) day orders are cancelled by the exchange at the end of the day and will show as the 'CLBV' status in your order book.

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