How can I activate the NACH/e-NACH facility?

To set up a NACH mandate, visit your branch and submit the NACH registration form. They generally get activated within 25-30 days from the date of submission of the form. 

You can also set up automatic fund transfers via the e-NACH facility available on MyGeojit. e-NACH mandates take 5-7 days to get activated, subject to there being no rejections.

Follow the steps below to activate a mandate through MyGeojit: 

Step 1. Log in to MyGeojit and go to User Profile

Step 2. Select Manage Mandates > Register for Mandate > Continue

Step 3. Fill in the Mandate Registration Form: 
  • Select your Bank Name
  • Select the Maximum Amount. Only the required amount will be debited.
  • Select the Start & End Date Next

Step 4. You will be sent a link to your registered email ID. You can choose to complete the registration process using the link, or by clicking Proceed. 

Step 5. Choose your payment option- Net banking/Debit Card

Step 6. Accept the Terms & Conditions > Proceed

Step 7. You will be redirected to your bank's mandate registration portal. Accept the request and complete the necessary steps.

The bank will then validate the application and send a confirmation to Geojit. In turn, you will receive a successful mandate registration intimation via email/SMS from the bank.  

SIP installments will go through only after the final activation of the mandate.

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