What is the Statutory Pay-out policy followed by Geojit?

Running Account Settlement of clients is carried out by a trading member (Geojit) after considering the client's end-of-day fund/margin obligation (if any) across all exchanges on the first Friday of the month/quarter, as per the client's selected preference.


This pay-out policy is applicable to all clients except NRE-PIS customers.

  • Funds of clients having opted for quarterly settlement will be settled on the first Friday of January, April, July and October. Similarly, funds of clients having opted for monthly settlement will be settled on the first Friday of every month. Read more
  • If the first Friday is a trading holiday, settlement shall be completed on the previous trading day.
  • If you haven't made any trades in 30 days, the available fund balance held in your trading account is transferred back to your registered bank account within 3 working days, irrespective of the previous running account settlement date. 
  • As per regulations, Geojit can retain a certain percentage of a client's total margin requirement on open positions. The balance (if any) will be paid out to the client's registered bank account.

Retention % (pledge + cash margin)If there is sufficient cash balance
Equity100% of contract amount + 225% of (VaR + ELM)* Up to 100% of contract amount will be retained as cash. * A minimum of 50% of VaR + ELM will be retained as cash (even if there is pledge margin)
F&O225% of required margin (SPAN + Exposure margin)A minimum of 50% of SPAN + Exposure margin will be retained as cash (even if there is pledge margin)

* If 50% of the margin is not maintained as cash or cash equivalent collateral, interest will be charged on the shortfall amount @ 0.05% per day. 
  • You will be intimated regarding your running account pay-out via email and SMS 1 day prior to the settlement. If any funds are retained against margin requirements/obligations, you will also be sent a retention statement.   

If you add funds to your trading account on the Statutory Pay-out day, they will be transferred back to your registered account as part of the settlement process.

Kindly ensure that you fund your trading account with sufficient margin before the market opens on the next trading day for an uninterrupted trading experience.

You can check your pay-out frequency and next scheduled pay-out date on MyGeojit under User Profile > Statutory Pay-out Details 

SEBI Circular dated July 27, 2022


Annual calendar for the settlement of running account (Quarterly and Monthly)

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