Why did I receive a UPI collection request that I did not initiate from Geojit?

Geojit will not send payment collection requests via UPI unless initiated by you. 

Common reasons that you may receive an incorrect collection request include: 
  • Instances where another client accidentally enters your UPI ID while making a fund transfer- If you have not initiated a transfer, please do not approve it.  

Fund transfers can be made only from the bank account linked to your trading account. So, even if you do accidentally approve the transfer, it will be rejected as your bank account is not mapped to the other client's trading account. 

  • Someone has hacked/gained access to your trading account and is placing fund transfer requests. Kindly reset your password to secure your account. 

All transfer requests to add funds to your trading account will be sent from geojitupi@hdfcbank. When you initiate a transfer, please ensure that you only approve collection requests from this UPI ID. 

If you feel this is a persistent problem, please contact our customer care line.

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