What is the auto square-off timing for intraday positions?

SegmentAuto Square-off Timing
Equity Cash (NSE, BSE)
3:15 PM
Equity Futures & Options (NSEFO)
3:15 PM
Non- Agri Commodities (MCX)
* 11:10 PM. - When the market closes at 11:30 PM

* 11:35 PM - When the market closes at 11:55 PM

* All pending intraday orders are cancelled before the square-off orders are sent to the exchange.

* All auto square-off orders are placed as market orders.

* Intraday square-off timings can change at the discretion of our Risk Management team, based on market volatility.

* You will not be able to place new intraday orders or convert existing cash/BTST/MTF orders to an intraday order after 3:15 p.m.

* The responsibility of squaring-off open intraday positions lies with the client.

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