Why has my portfolio purchase value on trading terminals changed even though I have not traded?

Reasons for differences in your purchase cost include:
  • Incorrect calculation of your average rate- While calculating, please remember that your average rate is determined based on the First In First Out principle.
  • The average rate shown in your holdings can be incorrect after corporate actions (such as demergers, etc), off-market information not updated and scenarios of short delivery/auction. These details must be manually updated on MyGeojit.
  • For corporate actions such as bonus, stock splits, etc., your portfolio may show incorrect values due to a decrease in market prices and quantity. Your portfolio will be updated once the process is completed, which generally takes up to 2 weeks.
  • Only listed shares appear in your trading account portfolio; there are some shares that are listed only on certain days. On days that the concerned share is not listed, the value will not reflect in your overall portfolio purchase value.
  • Mutual fund units purchased through your demat account- Units of mutual fund purchases are credited to your demat account after settlement. However, it takes 1-2 days for back-end processes to collect and update details of your new purchase rate. Hence, it will take a few days after settlement for the correct rate to reflect in your Portfolio on SELFIE, TraderX and MyGeojit.
  • Mutual fund units under a lock-in period- Your Portfolio on SELFIE and TraderX will only display details of mutual fund units held as free balance, and will not include units under a lock-in period. Hence, as these units are released from the lock-in, they will be added to your Portfolio on our trading platforms. Please note that the purchase rate will be the average rate of your overall purchase (including those held under lock-in).

To get accurate details of the performance of your equity holdings, it is recommended to check your Portfolio of SELFIE/TraderX or the P&L Statement on MyGeojit

Similarly, for mutual fund holdings, check your Portfolio on FundsGenie or the Mutual Funds Holding Report on MyGeojit

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