Why are my shares shown under 'blocked quantity'?

Your holdings may be marked as 'blocked' on our trading platforms (SELFIE / TraderX) for one of the following reasons:

1. Non-PoA/DDPI client- Holdings of non-PoA/DDPI clients will be shown as 'blocked' on our trading platforms. These shares cannot directly be sold. If you wish to sell, you must first unblock the concerned share by either using the eDIS facility available on SELFIE / TraderX or submitting a DIS at your branch.

2. The CUSPA clearing day (T+5)- If you have purchased a stock using margins and have not paid to take delivery, the unpaid portion of the trade will be sold by Geojit's RMS (Risk Management System) on T+5. For this reason, these shares will be marked as 'blocked' in your holdings on T+5. 

3. Stock split- Trades are blocked from the ex-date to the record date for a stock undergoing a stock split. 

For example, a company announces a stock split from its current face value of Rs. 10 per share to Rs. 2 per share. Before the ex-date, you hold 100 of these shares. 

After adjusting for the stock split, your trading account will show holdings of 500 shares on the ex-date. However, your demat account will have only 100 shares. The 400 shares from the stock split will be credited to your demat account on the record date. 
Therefore, until the shares are credited to your demat account, the entire quantity of 500 shares will be 'blocked' in your Portfolio. They will be released for trading from the announced record date.

4. Smartfolios- Shares bought through Smartfolios will be marked as 'SF' and you will not be able to sell them on SELFIE / TraderX. If you wish to sell these shares, you will first have to deactivate your investment by visiting the Smartfolios portal.

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