What is OMS? Why was my order rejected by OMS?

Order Management System (OMS) is a software system used by brokers to manage and send orders to the exchanges. The OMS helps the broker with real-time monitoring of orders with respect to the security being traded, price conditions, product type, availability of margins, etc.

When an order is placed by a client, it is first validated by the broker's OMS and if accepted, it is sent to the exchange for exchange-level validation and confirmation. In case the OMS conditions are not met, the order is rejected. 

OMS rejections will be shown in your OMS Rejection Report.

Common OMS Rejections
Insufficient buying power- Not enough funds/margins for the buy order.
Insufficient holdings- Not enough holdings for a sell order in the cash segment.
Segment not activated- Not registered for the segment (F&O, commodity)
Product type not activated- Not accepted the required T&C for products such as MTF.
Orders blocked due to T+6 debit- Uncleared debits in your trading account.

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