How can I open a Resident status Geojit account online if my KRA-KYC is not registered?

If you are not KRA registered or have registered with an invalid address proof, you will be prompted to complete the Aadhaar e-KYC process during account opening.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Select Resident


Step 3. Validate your mobile number
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter the sum of captcha (eg: 1 + 36 = 37) Continue

  • Enter the OTP received to validate your mobile number > Ok

Step 4. Sign-up with your Full Name and Email
  • Enter your Full Name (as per your PAN)
  • Enter your Email > Continue

Step 5. Email OTP Verification

  • You will receive a verification email 
  • Enter the OTP received to validate your email ID > Continue

Step 6. Basic Information
  • Enter your PAN 
  • Enter your DOB (Date of Birth) as per PAN > Continue

Step 7. Select the desired Aadhaar e-KYC route:
  • DigiLocker- Upload your e-KYC document
  • Offline Aadhaar- Refer our detailed article on offline aadhaar

Step 8. Email Mobile Relationship
  • Select the owner of the given email ID and mobile number > Continue
  • The relationship options include Self, Dependent Parent, Dependent Child and Spouse

Step 9. Product Selection
  • Select the products you wish to activate in your account
  • Select the depository through which you wish to open an account (NSDL/ CDSL)
  • Select your preferred demat account type (BSDA/ RSDA) > Continue

Step 10. Basic Information (Contd.)
  • Select your Marital Status 
  • Enter your Mother's Name (optional)
  • Enter your Father's Name/Spouse Name 
  • Select the Location. You can select your nearest Geojit branch / select the location as 'IT' wherein you will not be assigned to a specific branch; you will be mapped directly to Geojit's customer care section.
  • Select your Trading Experience
  • Select your Occupation
  • Select your Annual IncomeNetworth and Networth As On the specific date (will be required as per products selected)
  • Confirm whether you are a Politically Exposed Person (PEP)
  • Provide your Primary Source of Income 
  • Declare: Are you a relative of Geojit employee?
  • Select: Are you a tax resident of any country other than India?
  • Continue

Step 11. Bank Account Information
  • Select the Bank Account Type
  • Enter Bank Branch's IFSC;  your bank account details will auto-populate.
  • Enter and confirm your Bank Account Number
  • Click Verify BankIf the bank account number is entered correctly, the Name of Customer as in Bank and will show as Verified
  • Continue

Before going to the next stage, Geojit will credit your bank account with Re. 1 as part of the bank account verification process.

Step 12. Nomination
  • Fill the Nominee Declaration Form > Continue

Step 13. Terms and Conditions
  • Read and accept the Tariff, Terms & Conditions, Standard KYC documents > Continue

Step 14. Proof Upload
  • Upload a Photo/Scan of PAN card
  • Select and upload your Permanent Address Proof 
  • Enter the last four digits of your Aadhaar numbe> Continue

Step 15. IPV (In Person Verification)
  • Click Capture and take a photo of yourself
  • Crop and upload the photo

Step 16. E-Sign
  • Click Proceed to e-Sign
  • 2 PDFs with all the collected information will be generated- one of the account opening form, and the other of your KRA document.
  • Verify the details and e-Sign each document

  • Read the pop-up message > Ok
  • Enter the generated OTP
  • The e-Sign process is complete

  • A welcome screen with your Trade Code and Client ID will be displayed
  • Follow the instructions to download and fill in the attached DDPI form (if desired)

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