Does Geojit offer API services? How can I get my API key?

A trading API includes third-party APIs, developer services, and associated software offerings that allow users to run algorithmic models on their own trading systems while receiving real-time information and executing trades.

By registering an API with your Geojit account, you will be able to place and manage orders, access account-related information, etc on the API provider's platform.

You can get your Geojit API key on MyGeojit:

Step 1. Log in to MyGeojit and go to Services & Downloads

Step 2. Go to Registrations > API Services 

Step 3. Click Generate 

Step 4. Enter your Trade Code & Password > Verify

Step 5. Click Generate OTP / Use the TOTP option to validate the token creation

Step 6. Enter the API Name, read and accept the Terms & Conditions > Verify

Your token will be created. Copy the displayed key and paste it into the authentication page for your desired API.

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