Can I sell mutual fund units bought through other brokers/AMCs on FundsGenie?

Yes, mutual fund units purchased in the physical mode through other brokers/AMCs can be sold via FundsGenie. You will first have to add details of such investments to your account:

Step 1. Log in to FundsGenie and go to My Portfolio

Step 2. Go to Invested Outside Geojit > Add Fund

Step 3. Search and select the desired fund 

Step 4. Enter the Folio Number, NAV, Units and Purchase DateAdd Fund

These details will immediately reflect under Invested Outside Geojit.

To sell these holdings:

Step 1. Go to My Portfolio

Step 2. Select Invested Outside Geojit More next to the desired fund 

Step 3. Enter the number of Units to be sold Select the Order Type (Physical / Demat) > Proceed

The funds will be credited to the bank account you have registered with the folio. The time period for it to reflect in your bank account will depend on the mutual fund category (debt, equity, etc.).

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